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III Conference in Seville

III MMO Technical Conference: The role of Transport Authorities in the management of transport demand.
Seville (June 2006)

It is evident the good work of the PTA, as they have managed to increase the use of public transport in all cities. As well, it is also important the coordination between different modes, and it is seen the investment effort, especially in rail transport. This has been achieved in an adverse context of metropolitan dispersion location of activities.

In this process, PTA and operators and regional and local governments must work together to find innovative solutions, designed ad hoc for each situation. The range of solutions is wide, but they must be looked with common sense, technical knowledge, new ideas, and public participation. Also from the PTA can stimulated and promoted other complementary policies for sustainable mobility: cycling and walking.

Conference Summary

Document: Conference Summary (Spanish) [pdf| 3.901KB]

III Conference Program

Document: Program (Spanish) [pdf| 548 KB]

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