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IV Conference in Barcelona

IV MMO Technical Conference: The role of Transport Authorities in modal integration.
Barcelona (March 2007)

In connection with the PTA, should be emphasized that the initial coordination work has been overtaken, and that they are actually becoming true agents of mobility management in the broader concept. Because of their technical capacity, their knowledge of the territory and their knowledge of the different transport modes, they are being clear structuring elements of all actions which are being taken in the territory of their competence.

 Through mobility plans the PTA recover a coordinating role among the various actors in each territory, so that these new urban developments of the peripheral municipalities focus on public transport lines, on the growth in density and quality, and not on extensive growth.

Conference Summary

Document: Conference Summary (Spanish) [pdf| 10.240 KB]

IV Conference Program

Document: Program (Spanish)[pdf| 614 KB]

Previous Presentations

Document: Presentation MMO 2005 (Spanish) [pdf| 1.699 KB]
Andrés Monzón and Rocío Cascajo (TRANSyT)


Sesion 1: Modal Intregation

Sesion 2: Institutional Coordination

Round Table “New Transport Authorities: an option for sustainable mobility”

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