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MMO Aims

The MMO´s main objective is to observe and analyse the general mobility tendencies by studying a set of key transport indicators grouped in: socioeconomic data, supply, demand, fundings and innovations in public transport.

 However, there are other specific objectives:

  1. Reflect the contribution of  public transport to the improvement of the urban environment, which is threatened significantly by the impacts of  excessive car use, as reflected in air quality data, energy consumption, accidents, etc..
  2. Describe the role played by the Public Transport Authorities (PTA) in achieving an attractive and quality public transport, and its ability to adapt to very different regulatory, territorial and demand contexts.
  3. Track time on the characteristics of supply and demand of mobility, paying attention to public transport.
  4. Emphasize the importance of public fundings dedicated to the industry, both in terms of investments (new infrastructure, maintenance and rolling stock) and as compensatory contributions to the system operating deficit.
  5. Describe the funding systems of public transport , including the social dimension of the system (preferential rates), and their degree of competitiveness compared with car use.
  6. Outline the main initiatives undertaken by the metropolitan areas.
  7. Allow Public Transport Authorities to review and improve their management, using an extensive database about all the metropolitan areas.


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OMM  Report 2015 - published in June 2017 (Summary).