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TRANSyT, as well as Research Centre responsible for the preparation of the Metropolitan Mobility Observatory Annual Report and the abstracts of diferent technical conferences, also carries our an important research work which is reflected in contributions to conferences, articles and other scientific documents of interest.
A sample of the most interesting contributions to scientific journal, conferences, etc. related to the MMO can be downloaded here:

Measuring Negative Synergies of Urban Sprawl and Economic Crisis over Public Transport Efficiency: The Case of Spain.

Comparative analysis of passenger transport sustainability in European cities.

Analysis of the technical efficiency of urban bus services in Spain based on SBM models.

Urban Form and Bus Ridership in Spanish Cities.

Revista Ciudad Sostenible 2010

Movilidad Metropolitana en España: Evolución entre los Años 2002 y 2007.

Análisis de la Movilidad Metropolitana Española en el quinquenio 2002-2006.

PTI Review Metropolitan Mobility.

Metropolitan mobility in Spain 2002 – 2005.

Observatorio de la Movilidad Metropolitana en España (CIMO2006).

Metodología para mejorar la toma de datos y el análisis de movilidad urbana en transporte público. CIT2006.

Developing Public Transport Strategies in Spain: Keys for success. ETC2004.


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