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The MMO publishes an annual report with mobility data of the participating metropolitan areas, with particular emphasis on supply and demand of public transport.

The first report was published in 2004, and is based on mobility in 2002. The last report refers to data of 2014.

Last report: MMO Report 2015 - Published in 2017

The Metropolitan Mobility Observatory is expected to be a basis for the development of mobility strategies SSH (Sustainable, Safe and Healthy), providing information and comparative analysis of measures and results. All this would not be possible without the input of data and the continued and growing commitment of the participating Public Transport Authorities, which are the authentic authors and change agents for a better quality of life in our cities.

You can download the report with the following link:

Previous Reports

Previous OMM Reports and Summaries can be downloaded below:


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last report

OMM  Report 2015 - published in June 2017 (Summary).